Browsing the Health Medicare supplement plans Marketplace and Purchase the Best Coverage

Browsing the Health Medicare supplement plans Marketplace and Purchase the Best Coverage 

How the Private Exchange Differ from the Health Medicare supplement plans Marketplace? 

If you are looking for health medicare supplement plans that you can afford and meet your medical needs, then you should opt to shop at the Marketplace. It is also known as Exchange. But it is different from the private exchange.

The Health Medicare supplement plans Marketplace or Exchange is a shopping center provided at the This online center presents different types of healthcare coverage. You can also find out whether you qualify for savings or not. You can also go to this Marketplace if you wish to change your current health plan.  Find quotes for Medicare supplement plans.

Private Exchange, on the other hand, is an online shopping center for health medicare supplement plans coverage provided by your employer. It is different from the federal or state marketplaces. But you can find and shop for plans here.

Is it Possible to Shop for the Right Health Care Coverage at the Marketplace? 

The Marketplace can help you find the right health care protection. But you must know what your healthcare needs are and how much you can afford to help you identify the right plan. During the Open Enrollment Period, you can go to Cigna’s website directly to find the right coverage. There is no need to visit the Marketplace. At Cigna’s site, you can search, evaluate, compare and submit your application for a health plan. You can also determine whether you qualify for federal financial assistance. If you qualify for such assistance, it can help you pay for the Cigna plan as it can lower your overall monthly premium.

Who Can Buy a Health Plan at the Marketplace? 

If you require a health policy for you and your family, you can visit the Marketplace and buy it from there. But you must pay for the plan on your own. If you have a business or if you are unemployed, you can find the right health protection here.  You can also buy a health plan here even if you have job-based health medicare supplement plans coverage. But when you purchase a plan, you should pay for the full price. There is no cost-sharing with your employer. Every person who shops for a health plan at the Marketplace must be a US citizen and must live in the United States. If you qualify for Medicare, you cannot buy a plan at the Marketplace.

When is the Right Time to Apply for a Plan on the Marketplace? 

Before the healthcare reform, you could purchase a health care plan at any time. Nowadays, though, you need to wait for the enrollment period to open to apply for a plan. Thus, for the 2020 health plans, you must wait until November 1, 2019. Most states will start to accept an application during this day. You will have up to December 15, 2019, to apply for a plan. After that, you need to wait for next year’s open enrollment. But if you live in California, New York and some states that have extended periods, you can either apply earlier than November 1, 2019, or later than December 15, 2019. You can find that some states still accept application up to January 31, 2020.

What is a Special Enrollment Period? 

If you missed the deadline, you need to wait for next year’s open enrollment period. However, if you have a qualifying event, you may be eligible for a special enrollment. During this period, you can apply for a plan as long as you have a qualifying event. For instance, if you got fired or lost your job, you might also have lost your health medicare supplement plans plan from your employer. If you got married or divorced, you might also need a new health plan.


  • Losing a health plan from your parent’s policy
  • Becoming dependent through adoption or marriage
  • Losing your Medicaid coverage
  • An enrollment error
  • Moving to a new state

These are some of the qualifying events that may qualify you to apply for a health plan during a special enrollment period. To know whether or not you are eligible for it, make sure to visit the

What Health Plans Can You Find on the Marketplace? 

Generally, you can find four metal health plans on the Marketplace. These would include platinum, gold, silver, and bronze. If you qualify for a catastrophic plan, you can purchase it from here as well.  The cost-sharing percentage will depend on your health plan. No matter what metal level you choose, you will always have to pay a certain percentage of the healthcare cost. The out-of-pocket expenses will include deductibles, copays, and medicare supplement plans.

The copay is a fixed feed that you will handle each time you visit your doctor. A deductible is a certain fee that you must pay first before your plan will start to pay for your healthcare bill. medicare supplement plans is a percentage of your healthcare cost that you need to settle after you have met your deductible.  In other words, your medicare supplement plans carrier will not pay 100% of your healthcare bill. You will always have a portion to settle. The overall out-of-pocket expenses will depend on your health plan. The higher your plan is, the lower the expenses that you need to handle on your own. This is ideal if you frequently visit your doctor or hospital.

Is There a Federal Financial Assistance Available? 

Federal financial assistance can help you pay the overall cost of the healthcare plan you are planning to purchase. Generally, it will lower your plan by reducing the premium or out-of-pocket expenses. But not everyone will qualify for assistance. Your carrier will assess your yearly household income first. Then, the number of people in your household will be determined. Once you meet the requirements, you may qualify for financial assistance. The amount you will get will be applied to your health plan making the policy more affordable. Then again, it is difficult to apply for it. It is especially true if you are employed and with a decent salary. However, if you have been granted assistance, you should use it to help you pay for your health plan.